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Generations–Karen Hanmer

Book Arts Collection

The Library’s collection of rare handmade books is the only one of its kind in the Southern Adirondack Library System. Presently the collection holds over seventy-five books in a non-circulating collection. The books can be seen anytime in a display cabinet in the Library, or for a hands on viewing email our curator, Robert Walp, to arrange a guided tour of the collection for yourself or a group. The Book Arts Collection is funded by the Friends of the Library.

What’s in the Collection:

Subject, Verb, Object–Crooked Letter Press

A Brief History of the Fan–Lilliput Press
A Collection of Aesop's Fables–Chamberlain Press

A Frog A-Wooing He Would Go–Chamberlain Press

A Strawberry In the Snow–Crooked Letter Press

Andrea Rescued–Caliban Press

Awakening–Cannabis Press

Beasts from Belloc–Chamberlain Press

Blank book with accordian pocket–Beth Schaible

Blue Wagon Book–Margaret Cogswell

Cassiopeia–Sarah Bryant/Big Jump Press

Celestial Address–Matt Liddle

Center City Alphabet–Matt Liddle

Compendium of Domestic Incidents–The Kidney Press

Deep Fried Book–Drew Mattot

Deep Rooted–Scripps College Press

Doubly Bound–Moonkosh Press

Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde–Hand & Eye Editions

Ephemerus–H.M. Bastel/University of Florida Library Press

Estival-Richard Carella

Friends of the Hinterland–Marlene Yuen

Generations–Karen Hanmer

Give My Love To All Our Folks–Deep Woods Press

Hayle Mill–Janus Press

How Swimming Saved My Life–Crooked Letter Press

How the Rhinoceros Got His Wrinkled Skin-Chamberlain Press

Into the Catacombs–Kevin Mattot

Jack–Matt Liddle

Justinian and Theodora–Roycroft Press

Killing the Bear–Deep Woods Press

Kora In Hell–Arion Press

Knoxville Girl–Engine & Well Press

Letters of John Butler Yeats–Cuala Press

Make Paper Make Peace–Drew Mattot

Matrix 15–The Whittington Press

Mayflies of the Driftless Region–Midnight Paper Sales

Moon & Water: A Dream of Ancient Chinese Poets-Chester Creek Press

Most Excellent Canopy–Karen Hamner

Mother Goose–Chamberlain Press

Not Forgotten–Chester Creek Press

On Sundays I Sleep In–Folk Devil Press

Once Upon a Time, Book Seven–Warwick Press

Paper Making by Hand 1953–Old School Press

Peak to Peak–Chester Creek Press

Pop-up Greeting–Matt Liddle

Problems of Scale-The Kidney Press

Process of Woodblock Printing–Uchida Art Co., Ltd.

Selections from the Writings of Lord Dunsany–Cuala Press

Snowy Egret Rising–Chester Creek Press

Stone Soup–Chamberlain Press

Subject, Verb, Object–Crooked Letter Press

The Ballad of Pretty Boy Floyd–Matt Liddle

The Bremen Town Musicians–Chamberlain Press

The Butterfly's Ball & the Grasshopper's Feast–Chamberlain Press

The Crane Wife–Chester Creek Press

The Essence of Beeing–Sherwin Beach Press

The Fisherman and His Soul–The Grabhorn Press

The Jabberwhocky as Explained to Alice–Chamberlain Press

The Journal of Elizabeth Jennings Wilson–Moonkosh Press

The Lake–Off-Kilter Press

The Mad Angler Poems–Deep Woods Press

The Moon Rose–Chester Creek Press

The New Vestments–Chamberlain Press

The Nightingale and the Rose–Chester Creek Press

The Noblest Roman–The Book Club of California

The Pied Piper of Hamlin–Chamberlain Press

The Rich Mouse–Tampa Book Arts Studio

The Snow Is Deep On the Ground–Matt Liddle

The Tempest–Caliban Press

The Hunting of the Snark–Stinehour Press

The Philistine–Roycroft Press

The Three Bears–Chamberlain Press

They All Laughed–Karen Hamner

Walt Whitman: Ocean Grove Notebook–Caliban Press

Wild Girls Redux–Crooked Letter Press

Witness 1956–Sarah Bryant/Big Jump Press

Woodcuts USA–Oxford University Press

Zen Sequence–Matt Liddle

Aesop’s Fables–Chamberlain Press

Andrea Rescued–Caliban Press

Blue Wagon Book–Margaret Cogswell

Compendium of Domestic Incidents–

The Kidney Press

Snowy Egret Rising–Chester Creek Press

Hayle Mill–Janus Press

Jack–Matt Liddle

Killing the Bear–Deep Woods Press

The Hunting of the Snark–Steinhour Press

Kora In Hell–Arion Press

Ephemerus–University of Florida Library Press

Updated 12/3/22